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Over the past few days I’ve been attending and participating in the rapidly growing and tremendously interesting Social Media Week ( – I highly suggest you check it out). This is a week long conference going on around the world that discusses all things social media and how it’s shaping our lives. It’s really been a great week, with some of the most brilliant minds in marketing/advertising and media coming together to converse on how SM is rapidly shrinking the world.

With that being said, I find it absolutely hilarious that absolutely everyone in the audience at every event cannot seem to focus for 30 seconds straight. Every single person has their ipad.iphone.or macbook (yes social media week is apprently sponsored by the Apple Cult). But really, the irony is astounding. We are here to discuss how Social Media is changing our lives, and yet people lack the ability to really participate in the conversation. Instead we are texting,tweeting,tumbling (like I’m doing right now) our conversations. But what no one can do anymore is just really listen. We are so overwhelmed by stimulus and connectivity that focus seems impossible. How close are we if we can’t pay attention for more than 45seconds without checking our phones, blackberries, or computers.
So I ask you has social media brought the world closer together and yet wedged a gap between individuals?

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