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So I read Bill Simmons article today on the NBA All-Star game (check it out and it got me thinking… has there ever been an NBA season that was this intriguing?  I mean  I’ve always been a huge sports fan, but never that into the NBA.  As a kid there were obviously the bird/magic years, and then the Jordan years where we all tuned in just to see what they would do on any given evening.  Then we watched the Knicks through 90’s, even though they never won anything.  The Knicks in the 90s were like that super hot girl in high school who never put out.  Everyone wanted her, but when it got down to it,  she was just a total waste of time.

But now… after all those years of… a team here… a player there, the NBA has arrived!  The league just has so many story lines, so many players you can’t miss, and so many iconic teams that its impossible NOT to watch.  On any given night there are 2-3 games you just have to watch.

We have some of the sickest athletes ever to set foot on a court taking the game to new levels (see Durant and Westbrook).  We have legendary players on teams who looking to reach historic levels (see kobe, kidd, duncan, and the entire celtics team).  We have the Heat.  Hate them or love them, you just have to watch them.  Some how Lebron James has simultaneously become the most overrated/ underrated player and yet also the most loved/hated player.  Derrick Rose is so quick that I’m convinced they are considering repealing OBAMACARE because the medical community can’t afford the massive amount of broken ankles due to D-Rose’s crossover.  I haven’t even mentioned Blake Griffen who I’m convinced came right out of AVATAR.   I mean he has single-handedly made the CLIPPERS…the most historically atrocious team EVER, and currently 15 games under .500 ever, one of the most watchable teams in the league.  To be honest the most unwatchable team (The Spurs) have the best record in the league.

So I’m telling you, if you’ve never been a big NBA fan, just tune in.  Start with the All-Star game in two weeks and I promise you’ll be hooked (did I mention that Blake Griffen will be dunking from the 3pt line?? Yup, don’t deny it, for a second that seemed totally feasible.)  The NBA isn’t just a sport you watch from April to June anymore… every night, the NBA is MUST SEE TV.

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