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Innovative workouts and creative fashions have become the norm at most gyms throughout the country.  BUT, things are starting to get ridiculous.  Over the summer I took a video (see link) at the gym in my building of a girl dancing on the treadmill and I thought that was insane.

Nope!  We’ve successfully topped even that.

This week I saw a guy working out at Equinox (yes a huge high-end gym) with a jock strap on his head (yes I said it, a F#?K’N JOCK STRAP).  I am totally fed up.   I wanted to turn in my membership on the spot; except they totally lock you in for the next 25 years of your life, but…

Listen, I am a workout fiend and completely in support of everyone getting in shape and doing whatever it takes to enjoy your workouts.  Yoga, Weights, Kettlebells, Boxing, hell even Zoomba (whatever that actually is) are all great ways to get/stay fit.  But Jock Straps on heads, and dancing on treadmills; I can’t figure out what these people are thinking.

So do this… look in the mirror and if you think for a moment that you look ridiculous, it’s because you probably DEFINITELY do.

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