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So being as I am workout obsessed, personal train, and am an all around healthy person, people ask me all the time:

“How do I lose weight?”    “How do I get in shape?”  “What’s the secret?”

Isn’t it just like fat people to want a secret easy way to do something???  Just kidding (kinda).  So here it is!  My super ridiculously secret and not obvious tip #1 for losing weight…. STOP EATING SO DAMN MUCH

It’s really just that simple.  Stop eating so much.  For real, just put the burger down and stop eating.  I’ll get into what to eat another time, but step 1 is to just eat less.  I know this is a totally mind bottling concept (you know when your thoughts get all jammed up like they are stuck inside a bottle), but if you take whatever you’re eating currently and eat half as much… you WILL lose weight.

I know that eating a lot of meals during the day is the way to speed up your metabolism, however most overweight ppl just eat too much.  Besides the key to eating a lot of meals during the day is that they must be SMALLLLL MEALS!!.  So there it is… secret tip to getting in shape #1… just STOP EATING SO DAMN MUCH.

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