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So what is 10beersdeep?  Well it’s that collection of insights bullshit and opinions that only seem to surface after about 10beers.  When you’re sober.. you posture, you prepare, you actually think before you speak.  But after a few beers there’s no holding back.  10beers deep are those brutal truths about everything from sports, women/sex, fitness, travel, food, dating, business, politics… whatever!  My style?? Think Vince Vaughn (Circa Old School/Wedding Crashers) meets Van Wilder.

So who am I?  From the moment I could talk I’ve had an opinion.  An opinion on everything to be exact.  Some funny, some controversial, some interesting, and some, well some just had no purpose at all.  No matter whether people were really listening or just hoping my mouth would finally stop running, the one thing I never did, was SHUT UP.

So what’s the best thing for someone with propensity for ranting about anything all day long?  A blog!  A place where my rants get instagram followers can be written in indelible ink for the rest of time.  I can feel it already.  This is either going to be the best or worst thing I’ve ever done.

So without anymore planning or posturing… here we go..  I need a beer!


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