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With the exception of one girl who I know works out at NYSC (she knows who she is)… it’s a wrap!  I figured it out.  I now know where all the other hot girls (ages 25-35….If you are looking for Cougs, then head to the UES. ) in NYC workout.  It’s the Equinox in Soho (Corner of Prince and Crosby for those who want to sign up tomorrow). 
image I’ve worked out at seemingly every gym in NYC, and somehow for as many hot girls as there in the city, I see NONE of them at the gym.  Until now I just figured they all either had good genetics (prob not) or were aenorexic (did i say that outloud? SMH), either way they weren’t working out.  But after hitting up Soho Equinox 4 times in the past 2 weeks, I realized they were all here.  Don’t believe me?  Go check it out.

Oh and for that one girl at NYSC… well she just turned 25 so it’s about time she switched.

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