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The 4th F!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine started her first blog. An attractive, intelligent, fun 25 y/o new york girl, she wanted to write about everything that she’s passionate about right now. She called it Triple F… A blog about a young single girl’s obsession with Fashion, Food and Fitness. (If you wanna check it out it’s

Ok so I get it, you’re wondering… “Why the hell are you telling us about some chick blog?” It’s simple really… The 4th F! (Don’t know what the 4th F is… Hold on and you’ll understand in a minute).

Since college I’ve always done pretty well with girls. I was never the best looking dude in the room, never had a ton of money, and I’m not packin a 12” dong. But I still was able to get the hot girls, the unattainable girls, the cool girls. And I always got laid. Why? Bc I just figured out that most girls at the core want the same thing… A confident, decently attractive guy who understands the Triple F.

F1- Food: Know about food, restaurants, wine. Most girls actually do like to eat, and more than just liking to eat they like to be wined and dined. My advice, know about cool restaurants, what to order when you go, and knowing how to cook a little bit goes a long way too (remember your kitchen is way closer to the bedroom than any restaurant. It’s not about fancy either, it’s just about being different and being able to take charge of a meal (picking the restaurant or ordering in). And don’t discount bringing girls food… Magnolia Cupcakes or edible arrangements work wonders.  (**IF A GIRL DOESNT LIKE TO EAT f*@k her! Trust me they suck and you’ll be miserable**)

F2 – Fitness: This is where tons of dudes go wrong. It’s not about being a juicehead and totally shredded. It’s about being a fit person. Girls like guys in good shape but also who are physically active. Its something primal, shows you are a dominant male and can protect them. Plus chicks dig athletes. So find sports, or physical hobbies to compete in. Hit the gym (but not like a meathead). Just be in shape, you don’t have to be crazy.

Sidenote never let your girl be in better shape than you. They may not say it, but they know it when they are and it always makes them question being with you. So if you wanna date a chick with a sixpack you better step up your workout program and read the abs diet.

F3- Fashion: Ok so you may think this is about dressing well, and you’re right it is. You gotta have some style and know how to rock it. I don’t care what kind of style you rock, but make sure it’s legit and you don’t look like a mess. And also don’t wear things you’re not comfortable in. For example I can rock a backwards hat n flip flops or a ted baker suit and feel totally myself. Put a fedora on me, and I’m uncomfortable and everyone can tell. But I digress… What this is really about is just knowing a little (a LITTLE) about fashion in general. I can’t lie I learned this from my boy Mo in college. He knew what kind of shoes and/or bag a girl had and amazingly they ate it up. And before you go call’n him a pussy Mo know that mo is as straight as they come and he always got laid by hot girls. This was bc he knew just enough about fashion that girls believed him when he said they looked good, and appreciated the fact that he could talk for 5min about something THEY liked. All girls want to feel pretty and also like u care what they have to say. So talking fashion or being able to know their Marc Jacobs bag will definitely open some doors for you.

Now what you have to be clear about is I said you need to know a LITTLE. You want them to find it surprising n cute but you still gotta be a dude. The reason Mo pulled this off so well is bc he was a jacked black dude, and girls were always so surprised he knew that stuff. But he never let it go too far either, just give them a little, don’t let them question your manhood though.
So that’s it. That’s the triple f… Pay attention and listen to what I’ve said and you’ll get what all you guys want from a girl… The 4th F. (For my oblivious readers that stands for F**king)

A few quick notes before you think that I’m ignoring some obvious holes in my theory.
1. Money, status, and even being hung like Ron J eremy doesn’t ensure you anything. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t hurt, but all those dudes who don’t get the triple F.. All their girlfriends cheat on them or just get bored and end it.
2. Just getting the triple F doesn’t mean you can just over shoot your reality. This doesn’t mean the world rains models on you now, but it will help you get girls in your range. No amount of game can make a girl who’s totally physically unattracted to you all of a sudden want to rape you in the bathroom of a bar.
3. You need to still be a man about this shit. Understanding and relating to a girl doesn’t mean you should be a little bitch and know everything. You want to understand the triple F… Not correct her on it… Leave that for her girlfriends and gay friends. At the end of the day all girls still want a MAN.
4. Most importantly when you finally get the 4th F… Make sure to bring your A game and make it about the girl. You cum first and odds are you’re not getting a round 2. So put it down, and make sure she doesn’t forget it. Otherwise she may start thinking maybe you know a little tooo much about the triple f to be a real man.

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