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Post Triathlon at about 10.5% bfp

The Quest for 5% is the challenge I set upon myself to get my body fat percentage below 5%.  While I’ve always been fit, I’ve never really seen my fitness level translate to real image/vanity success.  No matter how much more athletic I got, my bodyfat always hovered between 9% and 12%.  After some prodding from a couple friends, and some shit a girl gave me because her abs were better than mine (take into account this girl is totally ripped… but still, unacceptable.  I told you in the “4th F” you can’t date a girl in better shape than you), I decided I would get serious. 

Why 5%?  Because 5% is traditionally the point at which a person has a defined 6pack.  Between 6-8% you can see ab definition but it’s not until you drop below 6% that you really see a strong 6pack.  This is what we are all striving for right?  I mean it’s definitely what the girls like to see.

(Don’t believe me?  Then explain how Channing Tatum is a movie star?  He may be the worst actor in Hollywood.  I have yet to find a single girl who will defend his acting chops, and yet they ALL go see every movie he’s in.   Fact is they go see his movies because he’s in good shape and they all think he’s hot.  So for all you actors, if you’re not in shape you better be the next f*#k’n DeNiro because chicks like abs.)

5 weeks into the program 7.5% bfp

Anyway…  I’m only 6 weeks in to my quest for 5% and things have progressed extremely well.  So much so that I thought I’d begin chronicling my efforts.  After 6 weeks I’ve dropped from 9.5% bfp to 6.8%I am not taking any supplements except for protein and basic vitamins.  I am also NOT working out non-stop.  I’ve simply put together a plan, actually working out less, and seeing better results. None of what I’ve been doing is extremely difficult or advanced, it is more a test of commitment and will-power. While not everyone has the same goal, the things I’ve done to boost my metabolism and change my body structure will work for almost anyone. 

So without any further adieu here is my multi-part blog series dedicated to showing people how to cut fat efficiently and safely… The Quest for 5%.

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