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Ok Ok… so I owe this to many people (Judd… I owe this to you the MOST), but it was important to get out parts 1 and 2 before I tackled the workout plan.  While I am addicted to working out… it can only get you so far without the right diet.  This is exactly why I put the workout plan after the nutrition plan.  However, the workouts are still a very important part – in combination with the right diet.  What I’ve laid out here is a modified version of what I do (even though it’d probably be in my best interest to scale back my own workouts and stick to this plan).  This workout plan out based on a 7day week – at an intermediate level –  with a goal of 5% bfp in under 3 months. This is Month 1 of the workout Plan.

Note 1: It’s not about how much time you spend in the gym, it’s about what/how you do while you’re there.  If it were all about time, then you wouldn’t see so many chubby guidos or flabby sorority chicks who spend 2 hours a day doing the same wrong workouts.

Note 2:  Don’t be intimidated by my workout schedule.  It’s based on an avg of 5 hrs a week lifting and 5 hrs a week of cardio (but I split it up into 2 workouts a day because it is more effective that way.  Cardio is usually in the morning (to kickstart my metabolism) and lifting in the afternoon when I have more energy and food in my system.

Note 3:  Please don’t tell me you don’t have time to workout this much.  I personal train 2-3 hrs a day, work 10 hrs at a corporate job and bartend 1-2 nights a week and I still find the time.  Goals in life… no matter what they are.. are about sacrifice.  I wake up early, sneak in workouts at lunch or workout at night (whatever it takes to reach my goals).

Note 4: I could get into all the details about why my workout plan works (circuit training, strength training, intervals, upper/lower body splits) but for right now just take my word for it and in later posts I’ll explain the why.  The most important part, however, is to understand that for fat burning 75% of my workouts revolve around interval based training.  This means an intense workrate for a period of 30 seconds – 2minutes followed by a measured recovery period and back to intensity.

Note 5: All exercises are performed back-to-back in groups (unless otherwise noted) with 1 min rest between sets.  My ab work is always mixed in as “active rest”.

Monday (Day 1)
Morning – Cardio(25-30min)
Interval Session on Treadmill
4 Min warm up at about 60% of best mile time (like 6.5 mph)
15 Interval Periods 30 Seconds Sprint 90% of max (10mph) 1min recovery (6mph)
5 Min cool down at recovery rate

Afternoon – Lifting (Lower Body) – 45min
10min warm up on the bike
Group 1: 12reps – 3 Sets (done in succession – rest period after all 3 exercises are complete)
Romanian Dead Lift (Shoulders Back, slight knee bend, hip dominant movement – butt moves first)
Front Squat (bar accross chest/shoulders) weight on heels, knees bent to 90 degrees
Burpee – Hands to floor, Kick feet back to plank, jump feet back in, jump up, finish back at the floor

Group 2: 12 Reps – 3 Sets
Split Squat (Dumbells in hand) weight on front heel, 12 reps to each leg
Walking Lunge (1 weight in 1 hand) walk 12 paces-turn around (and switch weight to other hand) 12 paces back
Plyo Split Squat – Get into split squat position, drop down – explode up and switch back foot to front – and continue vice versa for 24 reps (12 to each leg)

Group 3: 12 Reps – 3 Sets
Leg Press (keep your weight on your heels – yes I say this a lot)
Leg Curl
Leg Extension

Tuesday (Day 2)
Morning – Cardio (Non Impact)
Swim/Bike/Yoga/Eliptical – 30-45 min non stop

Afternoon – Lifting (Upper Body)
10 min warm up on rowing machine
10 Sets (reps outlined below)
50 pushups (or 50% of max pushups
10 pullups (substitute lat pulldowns for 15)
15 Shoulder Press

Wednesday (Day 3)
60min Running (non – interval) just long distance, preferably outdoors)
30min Bike/Swim/Eliptical

Thursday (Day 4)
Morning – Cardio
20 min Bike/Swim/Eliptical

Afternoon – (Lower Body)
Repeat Day 1 Lower Body lift

Friday (Day 5)
Morning – Stair Workout
Hop on the step mill (looks like real stairs but they move) – set it to intervals for 20 minutes and crank the intensity so that it’s a borderline jog during the sprint portion – ***NOOO HANDS ON RAILS***

Repeat Day 2 Upper Body lift

Off Day

All Cardio – 60 min Run + 30 min either boxing or swimming (15 min jump rope can substitute)

Month 2 workout is coming next week.

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