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I’ve given you the workouts.
You know how you’re supposed to eat.
But what’s the difference between success and failure?


Well, technically it’s our level of commitment that determines if we are successful or not.  In order to achieve a daunting goal (any goal), especially one like achieving 5% body fat, you need to be committed to every aspect of the plan. 

You need to put real work in at the gym…EVERYDAY. 
You need to eat the right way… EVERYDAY. 
You need to wake up early and sacrifice going out.

My Alarm Clock – 6am – Don’t Hit Snooze!

You know what?  It’s not easy.  For 99% of us, it’s not easy to just BE committed (to anything!).  It’s for this reason that I believe motivation is the key.  What motivates us to get out of bed each morning What drives us to the gym when noone else is.  What pushes us to chose the difficult path, when the easy one is right in-front of us.  Motivation is the fuel the commitment feeds off of. 

Surprisingly I’m not going to talk to you about large scale motivations.  Those are our goals, and I covered goal setting in week 1.  It’s surprisingly easy to lose sight of our larger motivations, because they are far off, or don’t seem to apply at that very moment.  I’m going to talk about those little motivations that are out there, lurking in our daily lives.  Those are the things that can really drive us each and everyday. 

Running when others are sleeping!

When I set-off on the quest for 5%, I knew I was going to have to really step up my commitment to my workouts, my diet, my lifestyle.  It was going to require me to workout when I wanted to sleep, eat a salad when I REALLY (let me stress REALLY) wanted pizza.  It was going to require me to stay in and not drink when I really want to party (ok so I still party, but not as often).  So I was going to have to find motivations, every day… to keep me from hitting that snooze button or to walk past Artichoke pizza at 2am.  It’s not easy, but for the most part I’ve done it.  I use everything, the good and the bad, as motivation.

If my boss came down hard on me – Motivation.  If I did poorly on a test – Motivation.  If I didn’t make the time to WRITE MY BLOG – Motivation.  Instead of making an excuse, I get down on myself for a short period of time until I decide that I have to stick to the quest.  If you get turned down by a girl you dig, or see her dating some dude that is bigger or more fit than you.  Take that feeling and use it to drive you through an extra hour in the gym. 

Everyday I find some reason to hate some aspect of myself.  Yes I said it, hate myself.  Not in a bad way, or all day long.  Jusssttt long enough to make me motivated to work harder.  When I have small successes, I make sure to feel good about myself too.  But I never let that good feeling linger.  I keep it only long enough to know what it feels like.  Then I put it away, and build the NEED to feel that way again.

My New Tattoo – Carpe Diem – Seize The Day

I began on this quest a couple months ago – and I really have less than 60days left to achieve my goal.  And I will achieve my goal.  You know what though?  Since I began this quest I’ve become more motivated and more successful in everything I do.  Why?  Because motivation and commitment are infectious.  People who can motivate themselves to work hard in one area, usually work hard in all areas. 

What’s my real motivation?  Beyond just having a legit 6pack and 5% bodyfat?  I have one.  A big one, and it definitely kick started this whole thing.  However as much as that stays on my mind everyday, it is all the little things that happen in my day that fuel my commitment.  When it’s all said and done there is NO guarantee that hitting 5%bfp get’s me closer to the thing I want (although I keep myself believing it will).  What I do know?  All these small victories, conquering all these small moments of failure or weakness.  Those moments will get me someplace better than where I am today.