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So I live in Manhattan and have a 3 bedroom 2bath apartment (you’ll see why this matters in a second). My one roommate – T has his own bathroom – and I share the 2nd bath with our other roommate. Up until about a month ago that roommate was female.  In addition to all the female things that filled our bathroom (not my choice, but at least it was always clean), was this fluffy pink shower sponge… yes a Luffa.  It kind of annoyed me having it in the shower, but oh well, you have a girl roommate you deal with it.  However, last month our female roommate moved out, and Me and T’s buddy from soccer moved into the 3rd bedroom.

Do you think a MAN lives here? NO!

I thought… great the apartment is back to a guys place, I don’t have to put the toilet seat down (except to stop my dumb dog from drinking out of it… an entirely different story), no more feminine hygiene products under the sink, and no more purple shampoo bottles or luffa’s in the shower.  

But wait… WTF… there is STILL a luffa in my shower?  Did Mallory forget it?  Did some girl who slept over bring her own? Why the F$*k is there a luffa in my shower?  And then it hit me, my new roommate (I’m going to spare his name for the moment), had brought his own luffa.  Granted it wasn’t pink, but that’s not the point.

What’s wrong with using a bar of soap and your hands, or a wash cloth if you feel you need extra tools to help you wash yourself?  Why do you need a fluffy thing that looks like a flower to wash yourself?

Listen I’m all for personal hygiene (I shower 3-4 times a day), but there is no place in a man’s bathroom for one of those things.  Men are suppossed to be tough, and masculine, and there is nothing masculine about a puffy flower ball in your shower.  If you do ever get a girl back to your apartment and she sees a luffa in your shower, she’s either going to think your not totally into girls, or that your cheating on your girlfriend and the Luffa is hers because she’s over so much.  And don’t think you’re any more manly if you get one from Old Spice… It’s still a sponge on a rope. 

So get some bar soap or a bunch of wash clothes, because REAL MEN DO NOT USE LUFFAS.

***but we do use skin lotion, I mean you gotta moisturize hahaha***

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