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30 things I’ve noticed over the last 30 years of life

1. Even though “you can’t always get what you want,” it doesn’t change the fact that you still want it.
2. Patience is a virtue.
3. Whenever you’re listening to music, watching a film or reading a book – imagine yourself as the protagonist. If you play the hero in your mind, you will be the hero in your life.
4. New York City is Magical. See it for yourself.
5. Sometimes it’s better to just let the moment pass.
6. True friends are hard to find. Never let them go.
7. It’s not all about you. It is all about you. Know when to tell the difference.
8. For your own sanity’s sake – become the biggest advocator of me time.
9. Actions most certainly speak louder than words.
10. Listen. Practicing this on a regular will eventually make you the smartest person in the room. If you don’t get that, than you’re not listening.
11. Swag – get some.
12. More than money, material things and social status – character and honesty are the only true currencies that last forever.
13. Wake up as many mornings as humanly possible to Bob Marley.
14. Morning sex – always a great idea.
15. The only constant in life is change. Be prepared suckas.
16. Cook one huge great meal a week with your friends. Preferably on Sundays. And anytime you sit down for dinner – it should be for at least a couple hours.
17. You should own all of the Godfather movies. Watch Part III only once.
18. Tough love is the best love.
19. Dream. And when you’re done doing that, dream some more. In fact…never stop.
20. Trust your gut. It’s always right in the long run.
21. Everyone should own a pair of running shoes.
22. Anything can happen in America – hell, Bush got elected on the legit for one term.
23. Anger is a gift. It’s the ultimate motivator when channeled correctly.
24. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just remember if you’re not hard on yourself – who else will be?
25. Traveling frees your mind, body and soul. Get away whenever the opportunity presents itself.
26. Embrace those people who piss you off and challenge you. They will teach you more than your biggest supporters.
27. When you feel like asking her out – just do it 😉
28. Smile.
29. Speak your mind: Tell them you miss em, tell them you love em, tell them to fuck off.
30. Give of yourself, share what you know and always be open to love.

Also Consider

30 A. We are all crazy. We just suffer from different degrees of it.
30 B. Life is too short for weakness.
30 C. If a person isn’t making you better, chances are they’re making you worse.
30 D. Commit to being yourself. It gets a whole heck of a lot easier from there.

Author: Del Toro Alma

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