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Our followers see this everywhere. We hashtag our tweets, our instagrams pics, on our Facebook page…but what does it mean? What’s it all about? Today’s feature reblog is about the Soul Dynamic.

It’s way more than a hashtag, #2012running is a theme for a year that is almost over. It’s an idea born from the fact that this year, I intended to run the NYC Marathon. This year we were going to make things happen. In my own life, in certain ways I have keep this promise, in others, not so much. But regardless of the outcomes of yesterday, I wake up everyday knowing that I have to keep moving forward, I have to keep pushing for what I want and reaching for those dreams. I have to keep running.

This theme is something we want our followers to be about. Keeping in mind though, that it can’t always be about the individual. Admittedly so — it’s hard not to think or act this way. Shit man. America sets up this structure in so many arenas, making it a tough mindset to break. But you have to be more than about yourself. You have to stand for something and give back goodness to the world. That’s how it all comes back around. Full circle bitches.

So in the spirit of giving more, I decided to run this year’s NYC marathon for Charity. Multiple Myeloma to be exact (click on DONATIONS below for more info). This decision was made way back at the beginning of the year, before life had unfolded its self. Well, if you follow us, you definitely know the name Josh Lite. He’s standing to my right in the picture up there. This year we’ve written about his winning fight to beat cancer, and as the events of the year went along, naturally I saw it fitting to run for him as well.

This life isn’t easy. We all have our demons that haunt us, we all struggle through the good and the bad. But in the end, you aren’t alone unless you decide to stand alone. You have your friends, family and loved ones to get you through. You have your faith. For me, part of my positivity is routed in the confidence that it’s all in my hands, I define my own destiny. With a lot of luck of course. Josh and the people who continue to fight cancer, serve as a daily reminder that anything is possible. You just got to believe.

Josh’s Cancer Story: Part 1 + Part 2 + His own blog where he writes daily about Cancer and the great food he’s always eating —

Where you can donate for me, also representing the Soul Dynamic here: DONATIONS

Writer + Co-Creator | Rene Ramirez

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