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The slower pace of fall and winter lend itself to taking deep breaths of cold air, recalling memories of a summer gone and re-charging a bit, till we make that final push towards 2013.

Here’s to a great week everyone! We teased you a little with some Virgin Freefest pics — review’s en route and will be here next week, so stay tuned. We hit ya with that Gunnin for that #1 Spot Mixtape, showed you a “Breakthrough” moment with the TSD – IG Weekly, reviewed some Dr. Dog and explained to you the inspirational meaning behind #2012running — remember to donate if you haven’t yet.

Now it’s time to jump this weekend off! Remember life happens fast, it honestly sucks it does sometimes; responsibilities mount, deadlines press, then sooner than later it’s over. This weekend, take some time to slow down and appreciate everything this wonderful life has given you — the awesome and the crappy. It gets better.

It’s Friday, make love to it again.

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