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I think Hurricane Sandy was enough. Right? Why mother nature feels the need to scare the shit out of east coasters again, some nine days later with a nor’easter, is beyond my belief. What did we do to deserve this? I mean our states did vote for Obama. Is that what this is all about? Does Mitt control the weather patterns? Nah in all seriousness, I thoroughly fear another devastating storm rocking our already battered area. Which is why today’s SOTD is:

Ben Howard “The Fear”

Ben Howard is a beast, straight up. This guy has got serious songwriting chops and can strum with the best of them. He comes in the mold of a John Mayer, Dave Matthews type. He’s a just a simple dude with a guit and a pure, genuine voice, with thoughtful introspective lyrics that resonate within his music. I love good, simple, insightful songwriting. Howard seems to know what he’s doing in those regards. Howard is from England, where it seems like all good authentic rock music comes from these days. He began writing songs at a very young age. His debut album, Every Kingdom, is critically acclaimed, and the singer is now starting to make a big splash on our side of the pond. “The Fear” with its driving chords and powerful chorus is one that grabs your attention quick. He never takes his foot off the pedal on this joint either. Great song from a new rising star. Check it out!

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