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STOP THE PRESSES! HOLD THE MOTHA F@CKING DOOR! 50 Cent is alive ya’ll. He’s alive folks. He is not dead. He is no longer making C rate tracks on bad mixtapes. He is hopefully done trying to buy soft drinks and come up with his own brand of headphones. Curtis Jackson may have finally seen the light. I don’t know if it was Em who lit that match, or Dre, who said u need to start selling some records before we drop you from the label…but…50 got the god damn message! Today’s SOTD is:

50 Cent feat. Eminem and Adam Levine “My Life”

This song is a banger. It’s got a great hook and 50 and Em both are at the top of their games on this winter banger. I call this song my winter lager. It has a sweet taste to it. What happened to 50? After blowing up the world with his debut “Get Rich and Die Tryin” 50 Cent seemed pretty unbeatable. He was everywhere. He face was on the cover of magazines. He was dating celebrities. He was building his brand. He dropped “The Massacre”and continued to keep his good fortunes rolling. I mean, 50 was on a hit parade. “Wanksta,” “In da Club,” “Candy Shop,” “Disco Inferno,” and “Just a Little Bit,” were all huge hits. Then he tried to challenge Kanye West with a silly “I’m going to out sell you” contest for his third album, “Curtis,” which of course, didn’t. This is when the wheels started to come off the bus. Then 50 started feuding with everybody. I’m surprised he wasn’t feuding with his own mama. Slow it down Curtis! Why all the hostility? So instead of making press for making good music, 50 was making press for his beefs. 50 has beefed with Nas, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Puffy, The Game, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and even his own road dawg, Young Buck. Over the past couple of years, 50 has been rather silent, which was probably a smart move. 50 has kept busy though. Between film and TV projects and his many business ventures, he’s still very much in the scene but I was waiting to see his foray back into relevant hip hop music, and with “My Life” he is making his resurgence.

It doesn’t hurt that he gets a major Chris Paul assist from the baddest emcee in Detroit, Mr. Marshall Mathers himself, Eminem, who ANHILILATES his verse, but he also gets an appearance from Mr. It star, Adam Levine. Levine is the white man’s Nate Dogg. He is now becoming the pop crooner to appear on hip hop tracks. I guess he wants to enhance his street cred. But bottom line, if Levine is on your track, screaming white girls are going to like it too, and they buy records. 50 is no dummy. He got two of the most popular figures to appear on his comeback track. I guess 50 is a lot smarter than we think he is. Play on playa!


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