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Let’s just start with this idea for a minute:



If you were sitting in the stands watching your (son, little brother, cousin) play in his little league game and there was an adult sitting there next to you cheering the kids on, that’s completely fine.  Now if you asked this adult which kid was theirs, and they responded, “none of them are mine”, you might be a little confused.  You now continue to probe (no pun intended), asking them why are you watching this game if you don’t know anyone playing.  Their response, “well I just like watching little kids play sports”.  Tell me you wouldn’t immediately peg that individual as a pedophile, and consider calling the police?

So why is ESPN turning everyday people into pedophiles??!!!

Little League World Series - August 10, 2012

Seriously, for 6 hours a day, on 3 different ESPN affiliates they are “hammering” us with the Little League World Series.  I mean, Mexico vs Panama…really?  Omaha vs. Harrisbugh PA?  Why is Bob Ley reporting live from Susquehana? Are they breaking news with youngsters linked to biogenesis? It’s not just the wall-to-wall coverage of little tikes hitting w aluminum bats, it’s also taking over full ten minute segments on Sportscenter.  It’s not even like they are playing the sport at a super high-level, and we can claim a purest’s love for the game.  Rather it’s like an international pageant of little kids for pedophiles.  What’s your favorite food?  Who’s your favorite athlete?  If someone was going to lure you into a van what would it take? (Ok that was excessive, but you get the point).


Listen, we’re clearly taking this a bit far, and we’re all for kids getting their chance to have their moment of fame.  Seriously, it’s awesome for them, their families, and their hometowns.  However, does it really need to absolutely dominate the only network for sports (sorry Fox Sports 1, you don’t matter yet and probably never will).  Can’t we get a replay of “The U” 30 for 30?  Or maybe the director’s cut of the Pat Summit documentary? Give us ANYTHING but more kids playing baseball!!!! It’s CREEPY ESPN!!!  And for all you adults out there with no kid playing in the game and no hometown to claim in the tournament, you’re a bit weird if you’re locked in on every pitch.  Seriously.

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