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It’s the most wonderful timmmmeeeeee of the year!  Sunday Funday Football Season!  And with that comes some of our favorite things:


  • Hot girls in tiny football jerseys..
  • Packed sports bars at 10am…
  • Meatheads getting way too intense about a sport they haven’t played since HS and played well since errr… probably ever…
  • The RedZone channel..
  • And people with iphones and ipads (but don’t be the guy with both out) incessantly checking their fantasy football stats.




As many of us know, Fantasy Football, has pretty much taken over the fall and Sunday Funday’s specifically.  We’ve got work leagues, college buddy leagues, nerd leagues, and my personal favorite – ALL GIRLS FANTASY LEAGUES.  And fellas, let’s get over the sexism stigma.  Girls have really jumped full into fantasy football and there are a few I know who could definitely take down the majority of guys out there (and definitely do a better job than Reggie McKenzie, GM of the Oakland Raiders).

abc_manti_teo_dm_130123_wgHowever, before any of this can begin, arguably the most important part of the process must be concluded.  Picking your fantasy football team name.  It needs to be witty, funny, topically relevant and whenever possible, insulting to your most hated teams/players.  This year we expect a ton of names revolving around Aaron Hernandez, Manti Te’o, Riley Cooper, Von Miller, and just the Cowboys in general, because who really likes the Cowboys??



After conducting some research here is our list of the Best Fantasy Football Names for 2013:

  • My Vick in a Box
  • Joe Buck Yourself
  • Romosexual Tendancies
  • Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  • Hernandez’s Pistol Offense
  • Boston Tebow Party
  • The Money Badgers
  • Kaep’n Crunch
  • Gluteus Marximus
  • Blurred Tynesaaron-hernandez-wide-receiver
  • Cooper Clux Clan
  • Wilfork on the First Date
  • E-VICK-TION Notice
  • Thrift Schaub
  • Waka Flacco Flame
  • Oh’ Have Percy!
  • RG3-PO
  • Morning Woodhead
  • Huge Ditka
  • 4th and 25 to Life
  • Dezed and Confused3b62741c7f655cdfb00766d715b7238c-joe-flacco-dopest-qb-in-the-whole-damn-league
  • aGOREaphobia
  • Call in the SWATT team

My team name this year?  Well, I’m going outside the football ranks but still with an NYC focus:

Team Name: Danger, Carlos Danger