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How in the world did Detroit rapper, and current G.O.O.D. Music emcee, (shout outs to Yeazy) Big Sean get uber smoke show hottie, Naya Rivera?

How are these two actually dating?

What is happening in the world today?


She is…the one redeeming quality about “Glee.”

She is the only reason why I like M&M commercials. Did you see her in thatcommercial? Mannnnnnnnn

She’s a complete bombshell!!!!

But…No. She. Didn’t.

Big Sean??? Really??? Of all the dudes in the world??? I mean even Cam’ron would have been more respectable. SMH

Dude ain’t even big…im assuming, anywhere…

Doesn’t Big Sean looks like the guy that delivers your mail? He’s got USPS written all over him. No?

Big Sean looks like your third cousin’s, brother’s baby daddy named Leroy or Jerome, who always says…”Mannnn, I gotchu bro. You know I’m good for it,” or some other excuse why he ain’t got your money.

Big Sean put out a song called “Control” that the world went bonkers over because of ANOTHER¬†emcee’s earth shattering verse….How you gonna let another rapper murder you on your own song??? Note to Sean…don’t let Kendrick come anywhere near yo shit!

Love and Hip Hop…it ain’t just a VH-1 franchise, it’s real life, and that shit Cray!



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