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Ok I get it… the wholesome Hannah Montana is now Team Twerk and everyone wants to hate.  But honestly, let’s get past the entire notion that this is about race.  Miley Cyrus recently got destroyed on Twitter for trying to be too “black”, with her recent music and dance choices.  Twerking, if we want to be honest, is not a black thing anyway, it’s a stripper thing.  And we have all seen plenty of strippers, of ALL races getting their twerk on.

Miley-Cyrus-Twerk-TeamSo what, so Miley’s gone a bit slutty in her dance moves and put a bit of a beat on her tracks, but that doesn’t mean she’s trying to be black.  Just Like Lenny Kravitz isn’t trying to be white by rocking out.

R&B and Hip Hop, even if they are still dominated by the Black community, are way bigger than any one race and THAT is what is making music so great right now.  The blend of races, cultures, and musical styles have bled down barriers of race in a way similar to what has been done in sports; and it’s great for the progression of music AND society.  David Guetta and Busta Rhymes, Adam Morrison and Kanye, ASAP & Skrillix, music is becoming the cultural melting pot and hip hop happens to be leading the way.


Fact of the matter is even if Miley make’s a comment, like apparently she did to her producer, that she wanted to make music that felt more “black”, that is just a misplaced reference to wanting to be more hip hop.  But twerking, and having a beat on your track isn’t about race it’s about soul, style, and music.  And to equate twerking with race like it’s an insult to be “black” is just irresponsible and ignorant.

Now on another note, completely unrelated to race, if you want to put Miley Cyrus on Lohan/Bynes watch for crossing into the Tyson Zone (a level of crazy that Bill Simmons created a few years ago) now this I’m all for.  Because Miley isn’t trying to be black, but she may definitely be trying to be crazy.  Good luck to that Helmsworth dude trying to date her, somehow I don’t see that ending well.

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