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So I’m not hating on the dude.  This isn’t cause girls fall all over him ever since he did that cornball movie “The Notebook”, or because he’s rich and good looking, or because once a girl told me I looked like a not as hot Gosling.  This is a serious question.


I won’t lie, I thought Gosling crossed into the Pitt/DiCaprio zone after he did ‘Drive’.  You know, he was no longer just a pretty boy that guys hated on for just being some kind of teen heartthrob.  He had edge, and a coolness, that was kind of like when Pitt did ‘Fight Club’.  Then he did Crazy Stupid Love, a movie I never would have watched if not for my girlfriend at the time, but let’s be real… the dude was smooth.  He followed that up with a great performance in the Ides of March with Clooney, and I thought..”Ok this guy is a good actor”.

Then it happened.  In back to back weeks I watched “The Place Beyond the Pines” and “Only God Forgives”.  In both of those movies he has about as many lines as he did in half of “Drive”, where he was pretty much a mute.  Both of these movies, which to be fair were terrible to begin with, featured Gosling playing the same emotionally disturbed character who was probably abused by his mother as a child, as he did in ‘Drive’.  He was still tough(ish), and kind of cool, but it looses something when it turns out you’re playing the exact same character in 3 movies.  Now it no longer seems like “Drive” was a great performance, and it seems more like that might actually be who he is as a person (or at least who a part of him is as a person).

I started looking through the rest of his IMDB and realized there are only but 3 really good performances in there, “Blue Valentine”, “Half Nelson”, and “The Ides of March”.  We’re going to throw out “Crazy, Stupid” because at the end of the day it’s a Rom Com, and discount “Drive” because as we just established he’s now recycled that character 3 times.  If you add in his parts in “The Notebook” and “Gangster Squad” he really seems to spend the majority of his roles…NOT talking.

So the question is.. honestly where does Gosling fit in today’s order of leading men.  I mean listen he’s not terrible, he’s just not what I think he’s made out to be… the next Pitt/Dicaprio.  He clearly Channing’s all over CT’s Tattum (then again I think Jadan Smith is a better actor than Tattum), and he’s better than Ryan Reynolds who’s career achievement to date is Van Wilder.  Neither one of them is capable of even being mute well, let alone pulling off the likeable but kind of dickish ladies man Gosling is in Crazy Stupid Love.  You’ve got Bradley Cooper who completely shocked me in Silver Linings, pulling off an amazing performance that floated between comedic and dramatic.  But still, The Ides of March and Half Nelson are two really great performances that makes me think, maybe optimistically, that Gosling still has potential to be a good if not maybe great actor.

If not, oh well, Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner made 30 year careers on being bad actors.  So ladies don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have plenty more mute Gosling roles in your future.  ryan-gosling-in-drive

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