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As a member of the IBT Committee, I find myself appreciating boobs on the regular. Most of my girlfriends have racks and they all say the same thing, “if you had them you wouldn’t want them”. Well, that’s not necessarily true. To be honest, I really don’t care that I have small cans. Actually, I kind of like them. HOWEVER, there are some boobs that are just too awesome not be wished upon.

For example, last night I was watching Project Runway. I love the show. I have been watching since the first season. I loved Heidi’s rack so much, I decided to declare my love via Facebook and Instagram. I always love her. She’s fucking gorgeous. She’s 40 years old and is still a smoke show. People don’t talk about Heidi Klum in a negative fashion. No one ever said, “Heidi Klum is hot… for a 40 year old”. No one cares how old she is, she’s perfect, really.



On any given episode, Heidi wears some killer threads and one thing remains the same: her cleavage. That bitch loves her T’s. She’s always scolding the designers when they fuck up the bodice of a garment, ruining the models cleavage. It’s her thing and it’s awesome. Her boobs are unreal. I’ve never even seen a nipple, and I’m into them. They could be silver dollars and I wouldn’t care.

Sure, there are other chicks with great racks: i.e: Kelly Brooke. Jesus Christ, those are some bombs. I distinctly remember her on the cover of Esquire Magazine. I almost died. Her boobs are KILLER and they are real! Crazy!


Of course Kate Upton should get a nod, too. But she’s 21 years old, of course her tits are awesome. I’m not hating on her at all, she’s a total babe! I am just making a point here. Heidi Klum is 40 years old. Kelly Brooke is 33 years old. Those racks have some miles on them, and they are still phenomenal.

In conclusion, am I sad that I am a B cup? No. Do I wish I had a bigger rack? Not really. I guess I just like to look and appreciate. When they’re great, they’re great. Even I; a 30 year old, straight, B-cup wearing broad can attest to that!

– @insideMEG

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