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So today both Kanye and Hov announced their winter tours, but the question is, is this really a coincidence? Could these two former best friends but hyper-competitive music moguls possibly be in a battle of some kind?

When Jay Z dropped Magna Carta, only a month after Yeezus was released, Kanye didn’t seem to excited for his former “Big Brother.” Instead he took to twitter to profess his love for…… Pacific Rim??!!!

This could just be coincidence but it doesn’t feel like it. I mean honestly, for two dudes who just two years ago ruled the world together with Watch the Throne, it doesn’t seem too accidental that neither one has one bar on each other’s mega albums.

With the critics favoring Yeezus and commercial america clearly favoring the G.O.A.T. The tiebreaker seems to be out there. Which tour is going to do better??? Hmmm



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