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7 TOUCHDOWNS!!! What??? Yes, that actually happened last night. The Denver Broncos dismantled the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens last night, 49-27, in a game where QB Peyton Manning threw for an NFL record 7 touchdowns last night. John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, who just received a nice 4 year contract extension, (for $7 million annually) must be having a never ending headache this morning. How do you let the opposing QB throw for 7 TD’s? Did Peyton Manning die and come back in the form of Jesus? Did the Baltimore Ravens defense take a team field trip to Electric Zoo last weekend and still are feeling the spins of endulging in too much Molly? I mean how do you let one man destroy a team like that? Now I know that it majorly sucked that Baltimore had to travel on the road to open the season, which by the way is complete BS Peter Angelos!  (The Baltimore Orioles owner refused to move their home game so the Ravens could play at home, weak) Maybe it was the altitude, the lightning storm delay at the beginning of the game, or the simple fact that the Ravens had to face the team who has been waiting around 8 months to get a crack back at them for ending their playoff run last season, that caught up to Baltimore. Or, maybe Baltimore just has major problems in their secondary that got royally exposed last night. (Think Harbaugh doesn’t wish he had Bernard Pollard and Ed Reed any more?) Or It could be that Peyton Manning is just that good. No one is probably talking about the fact that before the game Peyton was seen in his locker room bumping Kanye West’s “I Am A God” on his BOSE headphones. Joking about that one, but last night Peyton did put on a god like performance. New Bronco, Wes Welker looked awfully like the guy who made plays for years all over the field catching balls from another future Hall of Fame QB, Tom Brady, hailing in two of Manning’s 7 TD passes. I mean how lucky is that guy. (I am a die hard Pats fan, so it felt extremely uncomfortable seeing Welker run slant routes with ease all night long.) Demaryius Thomas and TE Julius Thomas (this week’s scorching hot waiver wire pickup) also had 2 TD’s each. Peyton may be in for something special this season. If last night was a preview, the league is in deep trouble. Never thought I would witness a QB in the modern day era of football look like he was playing a video game. But Peyton was the master of the controller last night and it was awesome to witness true dominance for four quarters with football. With video games, you can always turn off the game when you’re getting blown out. Too bad there was no off button in Denver last night for Baltimore. Unfortunately they had to let this one play out.


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