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highwaisteddenimshortsWell, it’s that time of year again, Fashion Week. You always know when it’s September Fashion Week in New York City because there is an exorbitant amount of ridiculously long legged, breast less, starving, gorgeous, Amazon looking beings roaming the streets. Well, more than usual, I should say. And this time they are ALL wearing high waist-ed denim cut- off shorts. Therefore, this is a perfect time to dissect this trend. You can pull it off even if you are not a model. However, let me be perfectly clear here. You can pull off this trend IF you are the following, south of 28 (and I am being age generous), you have a minuet amount of cellulite, you do not have a “FUPA” (look it up if you need to), and they do not give you a crotch wedge due to meaty thighs. I’m saying this for our own good north of 28’ers, myself included; tread very carefully on this trend. High waist-ed is a wonderfully 70’s trend that can be incredibly flattering al la Charlie’s Angles, but compile high waist-ed with a cut off denim short, and you have the perfect storm for disaster. Sometimes, as much as we want to rock a trend, not all trends can be for all bodies. So, before roaming the streets in your oh so fabulous shorts, ask yourself the following questions: Do I have cellulite? Do I have a “FUPA”? Am I over 28 years old? Can these be construed in any way, as Mom Jeans? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I’ m sorry but I hope you kept your Urban Outfitters receipt, and don’t worry the next trend will be for you, I promise.

4 thoughts

  1. That article was SO spot on!
    I constantly see people wearing high waist-ed short shorts who SHOULD NOT have left the house! I wonder if they have a mirror..
    Well said Dina!

  2. This is hilarious and so true! In my head I’m still 28 but my actual 36 year old self needs to be reminded of these things sometimes.

  3. Amen Dina!
    We all love a good trend but sometimes trends are for observing only. Now I we can only get this blog out to Bootie Short Nation.

  4. Finally! At least there is someone out there who is speaking the truth. This post was so refreshing. And I think I answered ‘yes’ to all of the questions asked at the end!

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