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Old people do not belong in Las Vegas. No offense I love my grandparents but stay home. Unfortunately, tourism disagrees and encourages them to come sit and waste all their money away. Basically, saying that they are so old that their money is unimportant and can just be thrown away. Well, I have a better idea, give it to those grandkids so they can have a good time in Vegas because Vegas is for us. I can’t count how many people in Vegas thought my boyfriend and I were brother and sister. Why would I be making out with my brother? And just because we are both light skin doesn’t make us related but half of them were hicks.

Vegas is a different world. Everything you want is accessible and the way you get it, is through lying, cheating, or through luck…I guess it really is the real world. We drove up from California to Vegas through death valley and into paradise. Our first night we stayed at Rumor Boutique for $15 with the Hotel Tonight app. I flirted with the young female receptionist “one of us” and got us a room upgrade. That hotel was pretty kinky, tub in the bedroom, and the tv channel 69, surprised she didn’t join us.

The next day, we headed over to the Flamingo for the rest of the vacation. Man, did those people suck. First, I got stuck with the OLD receptionist who could barely breathe and did not want to upgrade us. Then I spoke with her OLD manager who gave us the best available shitty room. Then four hours later we came back to check in and get our keys with the YOUNG receptionist “one of us”, and she hooked it up and upgraded us. We thought we got the hookup and then walked into a dirty room. At this point, I hate the Flamingo. There was glass on the floor, make up on the pillows, I’m ready to vomit. They offered me a $50 credit and cleaned the room. I still hate them but at least we had an upgraded room like I wanted. The mini fridge, tv in the bathroom, and speakers were worth it. Plus, I enjoyed the room service. The pool wasn’t so hot since the average age was 50..OLD but at The Cosmopolitan the crowd was much younger and Marquee was fun though I do hope they feed the cocktails girls.

Vegas knows how get down and everywhere I go I am VIP. Very Intelligent Person who knows how to work it and get through the lines. I friended all the Vegas promoters on Facebook, found their numbers, and text them like I was their best friend with a pretty picture. The first night we skipped the line, were comp’d, and I had open bar at 1oak. That was great time.

The 2nd night, I guess we “knew the right guy to know” because we got VIP at Surrender, open bar, and everyone there was hot and on one. It was by far the best club/ party I’ve ever been to that wasn’t a rave. That was my crowd and we had a great time. Our last day we spent resting preparing to return home, to recreate the feeling of happiness and being on vacation by achieving success and making that paper.

As an actress, life is already a gamble but I have all my chips in and I am ready to play. Check out my hand next week.


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