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Happy Monday! And yes, football Sunday’s are back. I dont know about you, but in my house this means a day full of beer and fatty foods. I don’t know what is it about football that makes people want to drink and eat horribly all day, but I usually am no different- however, since I wasnt the model of healthy the rest of the weekend, I choose to tone it down on this particular Sunday. Balance :)

As with most of my weekends this one consisted of a lot of red wine, but there was also a nice glass of champagne thrown in there! We spent Saturday afternoon at the Boathouse in central park celebrating my best friends engagement indulging in some delicious food.  We were given banana bread at the tableand for an appetizer we split some mac & cheese.  It was probably the best I have had (sorry Jason!!!) I kept to 1 slice of bread and 2 small scoops of the mac & cheese.  For my man course I had the eggs benedict and these amazingly ridiculous gruyere potato tartlet things (forgot to take a picture of those, woops) After that there was some birthday cake at the birthday party I attended and some pizza for dinner. Did I mention I love the weekend?


A thank you to Danielle for reminding me to take these photos!

So Sunday, while others indulged in more pizza I enjoyed a burger without the bun and a side of brussel sprouts.  For dinner while everyone enjoyed their chinese food, I…did also.  The plan was to try to make some healthier choices, but I was so hungry when the food arrived I made bad choices.  Oh well!  And for snacks, I stuck with multigrain pita chips and salsa and some cheese slices.

Quick side note on brussel sprouts- why do they get such a bad rep? I think they are delicious. I cut them in half, threw them in a pan with olive oil, let them brown up, then threw in some water and covered so they steamed up a bit.  Tossed in some garlic salt and they were done.  It was quick, easy and they tasted really good.  I just don’t get the distain people have for them.  I also loved them roasted, but our broiler has decided to break so we have to bake them and I did not have the patience for that.

As for my workouts- this weekend was definitely a success.  My heavy leg day Friday did the trick and my legs and butt were increadibly sore all weekend.  Saturday morning before our festivites I went to the gym for a shoulders and bicept workout, but instead of my normal HIT, I tried something a little different.

My (non standard) HIT workout was as follows:

I began with a 2 minute walk on the treadmill and then:

-30 second treadmill sprint, 3o second rest

-15 second lunge jumps, 15 second rest

-15 second kettlebell swing, 15 second rest

-2 minute walk to cool down

I did this until I reached 20 minutes.  I am really trying to keep my cardio “interesting” (as interesting as it can get) bc it is really not my thing and I just find it so increadibly boring.

Sunday morning I took the dog for a run..  I hate running.  HATE it, however it did help to loosten up my sore legs and it was a beautiful morning and almost perfect running weather.  Having the dog has kept me more active for sure and it pushes me to go running since she loves it and its only fair to give her some exercise too.

I started this morning at the gym with triceps, back and 20 min HIT on the elliptical.  Then crept into an open studio to attempt a gym selfie.  So here you go, another awkward shot! lol


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