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Hey Guys! My “Listening Party” is somewhat reminiscent of its 60s original counterpart… minus the record player, physical circle of friends, and the passing of a joint. Well, you can still smoke but keep a clear head because you don’t want to forget anything, it’s that good. I’m going to be breaking down a couple of my favorite tracks from the most recent Bastille album, “Bad Blood,” in my own voice, and hopefully winning you as a life long Bastille fan!

“Bad Blood” is the fantastic album from Bastille. You’ll find the album vocally, musically, and charmingly fulfilling. The tightness of the arrangements accompanied with lead vocalist Dan Smith’s hauntingly beautiful falsetto, make this one that NEEDS to be listened to. So please take a listen, escape the real world for a while and dive into “Bad Blood.”

I’m not going to talk about “Pompeii.” (The lead single from “Bad Blood”) I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic track that we’ve all heard, a lot. Instead, I want to touch on some other tracks from the album. And because I’m SUCH a good friend to you all, I have included the tracks from Spotify. But seriously, don’t be a slacker… go buy the album. Now. You’ll thank me later.

Bastille – Flaws

I mean how freaking great is this song? Lyrically he speaking about showing your flaws to someone else and seeing theres in return. What a scary thought right? Aren’t those things we were told were terrible to show people? I mean we’re all perfect right? Not a chance. But thats whats great and makes every person an individual. I think that makes this track so beautiful. Just putting everything out on the table and seeing what comes of it. That’s something real.

And as much as I enjoy the synth on this track, I prefer a different version. Last year Bastille released a video of this track being recorded at Abbey Road Studios, with  what I can only assume to be the London Philharmonic Orchestra. And if your not familiar with the orchestral world, they’re like Rockstars, the best of the best. And who’s conducting? None other than the lead singer, Dan Smith. Like it’s no big deal! Oh, and did I mention he’s conducting WHILE laying down vocals? Freak’n. Sick. Check it out here and Enjoy!

Bastille – Oblivion

By far the most emotionally charged track, and my favorite on the album. There’s this sense of passionate vulnerability that Bastille guides you to, with a stripped down piano melody, leading into the chorus and Dan Smith’s enchanting falsetto. And why wouldn’t you feel that way? The track is called “Oblivion,” which is defined as “the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown”. I find the lyric “Oblivion is calling out your name” hauntingly captivating. The stripped down piano makes this song beautiful, when really, oblivion is a more of frightening thought. Being forgotten. It’s human nature. I think Bastille’s tone, and big orchestral sound as the song develops help guide the listener, into, well, oblivion. And ending back to consciousness on a bed of strings. Ugh, it just doesn’t get much better… oh wait, it actually does!


Bastille – Laura Palmer

I want this track in a movie. Period. In some awesome chase scene or one where someone just achieved something great, arms spread wide open while they yell into the night, rain pouring down on them. Yes, I know, it’s a bit much. But I can’t help it! This song has that “epic” (not in a bro voice) type of tone. The big drums race at the beginning of the song and your frenziedly waiting to see were it leads you. And then BAM! The chorus comes and your up on your feet, dancing around your living room, a little embarrassed but oh well because it feels awesome! Yes Bastille, I “can feel it”! ….Did I mention that I like this track?

Bastille – Weight Of Living, Pt. I – Bonus Track

A little frustrated at first listen, I thought lyrically they was singing about shooting a bird. WTF?!?! I’m more of a PETA person myself. But no, they were speaking metaphorically, using the bird as the weight or stress you wrestle with, and when you let it go, it will fly away. Well done Bastille, as long as your not killing animals I’m in. Also you may notice this is Pt. 1, there is also a Pt. 2 on the album. It has a less jungle type feel and relies more on synthy pop energy. It’s good, but Pt. 1 is more my vibe. The big drums almost lead you along, like your bumping along on some safari. You can’t help but nod your head and sway along to the beat.

So I think 4 is enough, hm? Some other noted tracks you should check out on the album are:

Bastille – Get Home

Synth meets harmonies? Count me in! Love this intro, so simple and then the drums punch in, and your hooked.

Bastille – These Streets

Totally digging on the snaps, along with the acapella vocals that lead into the chorus. Then the chorus is filled with those big poppy drums, that can be found over the entire album.

I love the creation of such imaginative stories on this album, that seem to lead one, into the other. I really can’t recall hearing one bad song, which for one musical Hipster such as myself, is pretty ridiculous. And guess what? It’s the debut album! Are you kidding me? This is just the beginning?! Is it to early to start asking for there Sophomore album? Pretty Please?

Now I want to hear from you. If you could describe this album in 1 word… what would it be?



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