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Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic Round One

Charles Barkley, never one short on color commentary, had some just awesome quotes on Johnny Manziel yesterday.  Speaking on the ESPN Chicago Show, Waddle and Silva, Barkley (and Auburn Alum) landed a few gems on the subject of Johnny Football:

Johnny Manziel you know what he did? He’s doing something that I never thought was possible.. he gonna make me root for Alabama

Johnny Manziel is annoying me so much, I’m really close to saying ROLL TIDE

I’mma tell you something, ohhhmmmyyyy gooodd.  The only thing saving Johnny Manziel is Miley Cyrus

Barkley, listen, you just continue to drop knowledge on folks.  We are never tired of your thoughts on anything.  Want to give us an interview on the debt crisis?  Syria?  Or maybe you could host next year’s Westminster Dog Show?  Whatever it is you want to talk about, we’re here for you.

Just a reminder for everyone, Barkley once got pulled over for a DUI and told the cops, “listen my bad, I was just trying to go get a BJ from this girl”.  Need we say more?  Barkley just keep on truckin!

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