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Last night’s nationally televised game between the New England Patriots and arch rival New York Jets, should have been a premiere primetime matchup of long time hated foes. The game got a plum week two time slot in complete isolation so the entire country could see a battle between two arch rivals. You had Rex Ryan vs. Bill Belicheck. Brady vs the Jets Secondary. The Jets vs the Patriots suspect defense. ┬áBoston vs. NewYork. How ever you wanted to spin it, the game had some legit intrigue. But instead we may have watched one of the worst football games in recent history. The Patriots sneaked out a 13-10 win in some of the ugliest football that we have ever seen. Man, that was a shitty game.

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets

This game was hard to watch for so many reasons. One of the major talking points of the 2013 offseason was the loss of basically all of Tom Brady’s top receiving targets. Wes Welker, Brady’s security blanket, was let go, and went on to sign with, ummm some guy named Peyton Manning. Aaron Hernandez was released because he thinks he’s living in a real life epiosde of Sons of Anarchy and started killing everyone. Brandon Lloyd is off living the real life version of “In Treatment” because he’s not physically or mentally ready to play and has left football. Deion Branch is wondering how to make his dreds look even worse, and All Pro TE Rob Gronkowski is recovering from what feels like his twentieth surgery in two years. What does Bill Belicheck do about this? Absolutely nothing. Like the pompass jerkoff that he is (I am not knocking the man’s brillance, but come on dude, get off your high horse) he refuses to address the situation. The Pats make no moves in free agency for a WR or a TE, espcially when there was a “Criminal Minds” episode playing out in front of them all summer long in Foxboro regarding Hernandez, and knowing Gronk would not be ready to start the season. Instead, In Belicheck we trust, decided to roll the dice with a bunch of rookies, Aaron Dobson from Tulane, Josh Boyce from TCU, and Kenbrall Thompkins from Cincinnati whose combined catch total in the NFL was a big zero. And then the Pats had TE Jake Ballard in the wings, a competent TE whom the Pats stole from the Giants after Ballard played well in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. By the way, he got cut before the season started. All of these so called “smart” moves by Mr. Belicheck seemed to blow up last night in his face as the Patriots offense, once the most feared in the league, looked totally anemic.


The Jets situation isn’t any better. It actually may be worse. Rex Ryan is coaching in his lame duck year and its clear that new GM John Idzik wants him gone. If Ryan doesn’t get this motely crue to the playoffs (which he won’t even if he was allowed to have his dreams come true) he is a goner. And im pretty sure he knows it. Although I will give credit to Rex for keeping his mouth shut so far this season. Minus that outburst that he had w Jets reporters before the season started when he was constantly being badgered about who his starting QB was going to be, Ryan has been relatively cool. He is normally known to run his mouth when it comes to Pats-Jets week, but Ryan was unusually mum leading up to this game. Maybe it’s because he knows that his team stinks and doesnt need to make matters worse for himself or his team. The Jets have been dealing with the ongoing soap opera that is their QB situation for the past five months. Geno Smith, a rookie, was named the starter after Mark Sanchez was left hung out to dry, playing with the second team unit in a meaningless preseason game where he got injured and tore his labrum. Oops…let me put my “Starting” QB, who although has regressed every season since he has started and is a public piraha, in the game in the 4th quarter to get the win in a game that no one will ever talk about ever again. (Doesn’t it smell a little like Alex Rodriguez all over again?) Well, Sanchise goes in and gets hurt, probably ending his career with the New York Jets. I haven’t seen a bigger fall from grace story since Mel Gibson. Sanchez went from loved after he took the Jets to two straight AFC Championships, to a guy that was dating Eva Longoria, was on the cover of GQ twice, to a guy who started wearing a head band and holding a clip board. When the Jets traded up to draft Geno Smith in the beginning of the second round Sanchise had to know that his time was up in NYC. With that all being said, Geno played last night, and although he has moments of decency, he was downright dreadful last night tossing 3 interceptions in the fourth quarter alone. Ugh.


This is a game the Jets should have won. The Pats were double digit favorites. On a cool New England night, the weather was completely unkind to both teams in the second half. Downpours are a part of the game. You play through them. But horrible game play was not expected by at least the New England Patriots, and for the majority of that game they looked worse than the Jets. You can’t have more punts (11) then team first downs (9). Brady was 19 of 39 for 185, clearly one of his worst QB performances in the past 5 years. Luckily the Pats and Brady beat the Jets early with a great play action fake from Brady that hit Dobson for a 39 yd TD. The Pats rushed 24 times for a total of 54 yards. Are you kidding me? Maybe Ridley does belong on the bench, but with Shane Vareen out for almost half the season, the Pats dont have too many more options at tailback, so there creates a whole new problem for the so called revamped rushing attack.



It’s hard to get great marquee prime time matchups that everyone is going to enjoy. I get that. You have to think that the NFL is going to get it wrong at some point. They completely misfired with this game last night. That was really bad football. It felt like the game was never going to end. Tom Brady was seen on the sideline screaming at any one who would listen. If Giselle was there it would hava been a full on Real Housewives type of meltdown. Tom played the role of battered QB and Giselle last night with his rage at his young group of pass catchers. He may need to get used to the sound of his voice because I have an uncomfortable feeling that its going to be initiation torment for that rookie frat class in Foxboro. The Jets have one of the worst offenses in all of football. Ryan knows what he is doing on defense and he should be credited for that, but their offense is awful. Their wide outs can’t get any seperation. They need more consistent play from Winslow and Cumberland at the TE position, and their running game, although outrushed NE last night is much worse than the Pats, despite the fact that Chris Ivory (12 carries, 52 yds, 1 TD) looked much better this week than vs the Bucs in week 1. ┬áNo one fears the Jets because of their lack of playmakers. So I don’t know who made it out worse in this game. Both teams have major question marks that need to be addressed ASAP. I don’t think it’s fair to the citizens of this country who pay their well earned money for cable TV and the right to have the NFL Network, to be subjected to trash like that on a weekly basis. It’s just not inviting to the eye at all. `At least we have Sunday to look forward too, and hopefully a better viewing experience for all involved. Hopefully.

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