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In the wake of the latest mass, assault rifle killings at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, it’s hard to see any good anywhere.  We have seen enough of this in the past few years to make the most emotional people jaded.  With the 24-hour news cycle the way it is, we’re not short on finding out about any and every atrocity that happens in every single corner of the world.

You want mass shootings? You want gang rapes? You want unspeakable cruelty to animals?  Just turn on your iPad and head to your favorite news source — CNN, MailOnline, Twitter, FB, Reddit.  It’s disgusting, but we do need to know about these things, for better or for worse (and recently, it seems like it’s been REALLY bad).

Instead of ranting about it – because what good does that really do if you’re not in a position of power? – maybe more of us should concentrate on doing some good.  We all go about our lives and rarely stop to think about others.

It’s weird then, and slightly awkward, to turn to advertising from Thailand to show you that sentiment.  But the internet, while showing us the evils every second of the day, can also show us a whole bunch of good too.

I dare you, try not to get emotional with this 3-minute video.

And then try thinking about others and doing something good, because all of this crap makes me feel like an awful human.

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