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Friend: Did you get them?! This is going to be the greatest show EVER!!! Everyone’s going! It’s the most epic line up!  (Excitedly)

Me: No they were sold out. (Super Bummed)

Has this ever happened to you? Well let me take your hand, console you, and show you how to never let this happen again. Welcome to Part 1 of a three part post. I’m going to talk to you about Ticketing and Pricing, Festival Fever, and the “Start to Finish” Concert Experience.

And yes, I know it’s the end of festival season and  you may be thinking, “But Anne, shouldn’t you have written this BEFORE concert season?” And the answer is no. This is the perfect time for pre season concert tickets to go on sale, or it’ s a great time for you to start saving up for tickets. Because lets be honest, as much as we try to pretend not to notice the price… there’s a sinking feeling in our stomach when we see the bajillion dollars we have to shell out for a good time. That’s assuming you get the tickets before they’re sold out. But have no fear, I got you covered.

Check out my list below of things I do to stay on top of concerts.

xx tickets

1. Get on mailing lists. ALL mailing lists. I would make sure to hit all major venue’s sites around you, then hit up your favorite artists websites and hop on those as well. And if you aren’t already, follow artists/bands via social network. I CONSTANTLY see new concerts posted by bands via Facebook, Twitter, or with some witty little photo on Instagram.

2. Make a Concert Calendar. This may sound like a bit much but it’s almost essential if your a huge music fan. I always put in the concert date, venue, and pre sale date. Pre sale is extremely important if it’s a big artist or small venue (sells out quicker) so don’t forget to throw that one on the calendar. Plus your totally a boss knowing about all the great upcoming shows.

3. SAVE UP! I feel ya, without a small loan from the bank or crazy rich parents, there’s no way to possibly pay for all this shit. It’s frustrating, so “choose wisely” which shows you’d like to see.

A couple more things. Don’t let your experience be ruined by counterfeit bracelets or tickets. Nothing is worse than thinking you got an amazing deal on Ebay and find out at the entrance to the show that your ticket isn’t real. NOTHING. But if you do want a cheap ticket, check out sites like Stub Hub, or get pre sale tickets that are usually cheaper. Thats the glory of the pre sale ticket.

The other great reason to purchase pre sale, is not having to sit in front of three computers all cracked out, waiting for tickets to go on sale. Praying to whatever god/gods you worship, asking to be granted just one ticket. Just one. So that you can experience this great show with your friends.  You don’t want to be literally, left out in the cold, scalping a ticket thats probably more expensive from some sketchy dude.

If you stick to this path of ticket righteousness, I see fantastic concert experiences in your future.

The second post in my series covers “Festival Fever”. I’ll be sharing my festival experience from a small hipster festival happening Saturday, September 21st. If your in California, it’s in Oceanside and tickets are $15 for the below line up. I know it’s not Coachella, but not to shabby for $15 and a great way to close out the festival season.


Cage The Elephant
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
American Authors
Royal Teeth
The Colourist
Dead Feather Moon

Check out for details. And yes… it’s $15, your welcome.

Do you have any creative ways to score tickets? Don’t be stingy, share it below!





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