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photo (9)My acting coaches have always been complimentary when I have played a role as myself. I try not to act and put myself into the character and situation to show them who I am and be real. I used to try to play a part…go the commercial auditions in a plain shirt and jeans, try to give them what they want or who I thought they want. Now, I am all about just giving them me. If they don’t see it, someone else will because I know where I am meant to be and where I will end up. I need someone to make me a role. I’ve got character and I know how to play. I think I am entertaining and if you aren’t laughing with me I know I can make you laugh. This is why while things have been slow audition wise, I have been working on creating and writing the perfect role for myself. If the role isn’t out there, you have to create it. Isn’t that how life is, if you don’t have apples, use oranges…the industry is constantly changing and it is difficult to break in. You have to find an edge and differentiate yourself. I had two auditions this week. One for Allstate and one for Northshore Orthopedic Medical Center. The Allstate audition was for a “island couple”. There were all different types at the audition. I was paired with a Caucasian male. A mixed race couple that gets cast is rare in the commercial world. So, immediately I was already presented with a challenge. How do I get the casting director and advertisers to see past the color barrier? The premise of the commercial was that our car had broken down on our way to our island vacation and we were stuck in the desert. My “boyfriend” was fixing the car and I was looking “worried and annoyed”. As a woman of color it is important not to give the “angry black woman look” when showing annoyed, less is more. A good friend of mine advised, come into the room with the emotion, live it, feel it and they will see it. I did not get a call back but I gave them what they wanted. I just wasn’t what they were looking for and that’s fine.

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The other audition was for Northshore Orthopedic Medical Institute. There were two female roles, under 40 and 30 to skew younger in casting. I went into the audition kind of knowing this was not a part I would get but just did my best to give the casting director what he asked for. What I learned is that I should have given him a better impression of me. So that even though this role wasn’t right for me, he would remember me and next time bring me in for something that was right.

This is part of the homework for actors. To make an impression. To be memorable. I am trying my best to make an impression and gain influence among my peers. I just started my instagram (ellebrooks9) and changed up my twitter (ellebrooks9) too. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I don’t want to expose myself and yet I want to be an actress which involves total exposure. I am following people in hopes to gain more followers. Obviously this won’t get me fame but it will help. Exposé my character, expose who I am, so people can see what I have to offer and someone will MAKE ME A ROLE. Social media can help give me the ability to meet people I may not have been able to come across in my daily life, to connect with individuals, and open up. It seems like I am just following random people but my goal is to connect with as many people as possible so that I can create a large influence. When someone follows me or tweets me I want to do that back. I am grateful they took the time to take interest in me and help further my career. I appreciate you..the readers, followers, likers, and friends for sharing, and taking the time to get to know me. You are experiencing the diary to fame.

It’s not all auditions, sparkles, and fun in the acting world. Your image is extremely important. You are the product so maintaining your health andphoto (6) appearance is mandatory. Part of that means staying in shape and eating right. This is something that is difficult for me since I have barely any free time to work out and not so great eating habits. I live with my boyfriend who is 6’5 and I usually match what he eats…not good. So lately I have been trying to find time and make time to work out and also eat better. Obviously sometimes I cheat and have sweets but I am making a conscious effort. I am quite the baker and sometimes I just can’t resist. This week I made homemade chocolate buttercream frosting not on the diet.

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But I don’t believe in starving yourself of life’s enjoyment. You only live once.



<3 ellebrooks9

Next week I’ll explain why I chose that as my social media name!

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