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Those of us that were around for the first surge of the “Grunge” movement, remember it fondly. From Pearl Jam to Dr. Martins, it was greasy haired mayhem. Well, whip out those flannels folks because Fall’ 13  is ALL ABOUT GRUNGE. The deep purple lip, your ripped tights…before you know it you will be hypothesizing about when music was “real” and how much you miss Kurt Cobain. There is a way for us to recreate the trend in a less literal ‘90s way and be a bit more cutting edge. Get yourself the following: Black Skinny Jeans, Easy Jean American Apparel, $72 bucks. They will last just about as long as this trend does, but that is because they are so comfy and fit right, you will wear them every day.

Faux leather is everything, and you will need this cute bomber for $38.90, looks and feels surprisingly real.

Now last but not at all least…the Creeper shoe. It ‘s new its fresh its edgy and its ugly. But that’s what makes it so spectacular. The Creeper shoe is just what you would expect it to be, thick, heavy and very Addams family, yet just interesting enough to be cool. Check these out at U.O.

Steal a flannel from your boyfriends (or girlfriends) closet and crop a white tee and you are on the road to Seattle heaven. Don’t forget your beanie!

3 thoughts

  1. love the write-up. thanks for the snapshot into the fall fashion all with decent pricing. and thanks for giving me an idea for my next pandora station – it’s looking like a pearl jam day #livingforthe90s

  2. Great post! Thank you Dina for breaking this down and making it easy. I mean, even though I was only, ahem, five, in the mid 90’s, this brings back so many great memories. Perfect for the fall!

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