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I have a thing for New York City bands I think. There is something very honest and pure about them. Maybe it’s by design, or maybe it’s by chance, but New York City bands have a certain edge to them. They are outliers, teetering on the different and the unsafe. They take chances. They experiment. They question. But most importantly, they entertain. This is how I feel about the New York City collective otherwise known as Grizzly Bear. I first got into Grizzly Bear when I heard their classic single, “Two Weeks” off their stellarĀ Veckatimest album. That song, as well as the others on that beautiful collection of music had me dive into their catalog and I was utterly surprised by what I found. Their musical style is a hodge podge of different sounds. They are a full fledged indie rock band, but they dabble in pop, experimental, electronica, and soul. They use multiple harmonies (which is one of my favorite things in music) and their songs are eloquently put together. They feel like mini-movies to me, set by a soundtrack that’s timeless, haunting, and free. Their most recent LPĀ Shields was one of my top 5 albums of 2012. “Yet Again” is today’s SOTD, and it’s from that album. This is about as perfect as a song can be. The groove, the blended vocals, the arrangement, are just all on point. Ed Droste’s vocals reign supreme on this track and he is backed up seamlessly by guitarist/vocalist Daniel Rossen. Take a listen to this track and yet again, I think you will agree with me. Grizzly Bear is no joke. Enjoy.


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