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Two weeks ago I was at a sports bar for Sunday Funday in Chicago, when the following scenario went down, I wish I was making this up:

There were two decently attractive girls standing next to me at the bar to my left, and a group of guys around the other corner of the bar to my right:

Bartender: Ladies these shots are from that guy down there

Girls: Thank you

The girls look at each other and then down to the guy at the end of the bar and smile as they raise their shots.  They are clearly not impressed by the physical appearance of the guy, BUT they smile, cheers, and take their shot.  The big spending cool guy who bought the shot saw his opportunity to pounce.  He literally comes running around the bar to start talking to these girls, and opens with:

Cool Guy: You know, that’s not Patron, it’s Corzo.  Much better and much more expensive.

Girls: Umm… thanks??

Bartender: Hey buddy that’ll be $36

The cool guy, now zeroing in on the bigger boob’d of the two girls, hands his AMEX card over to the bartender and lands what is my line of the year:

Cool Guy: So don’t pay attention to that card, I get my Black Card next week.  You have to spend at least $250k a year to get one.

Based on how fast these girls ditched this dude, I’m guessing that talking about a Black Card ain’t quite as strong a move as actually having a Black Card.  But hey, what do I know?


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