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The other night I had a very strange dream that had me wake up in a panic and cold sweat. I dreamt that I had moved back home with my parents. Ahhhhh. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my parents a lot. Some might even say I have an unhealthy relationship with them because we talk multiple times a day (they are in Chicago and I am here), but the thought of moving back in with them was far, far from ideal.  At 31-years-old, I haven’t had a roommate in quite a long time, so dreaming that I moved back into my parent’s house is horrifying to me. Sorry mom and dad, I love you mucho, but this ain’t gonna happen. In fact, I don’t know if I could live with anyone else ever again after living alone for so long. That is until I meet Mr. Right and we live happily ever after together in our large multi-level apartment. Sure, sure.

As an adult, I feel everyone should live alone for at least one year of his or her life. I think it’s an amazing growing process in getting to know yourself and being independent. Plus there are just so many awesome perks of living alone. On the flipside, I also understand in a city like New York, this can be financially difficult sometimes, so that option may not be possible. I know on a teacher’s salary, I feel it in my wallet every single month, but I try to make it work. Sure it would be nice to live under mom’s and dad’s roof without paying rent, utilities, cable, and groceries, but I would lose all of the other freedoms I have living solo that I love so much. (And after this dream, I realized also I seem to take many of these freedoms for granted.) Additionally, I wouldn’t be judged by some of my actions, that I may consider totally normal, but may not fly with someone else. So without further ado, here is what I think are five best reasons to live alone.

1)    You can walk around topless (or bottomless…or naked) whenever you want. You can cook like that. Clean like that. Dance like that. It’s pretty great. Just make sure your curtains are closed. Having clothes on all the damn time can be pretty restricting, so being able to ditch them right when you get home is pretty fantastic.

2)    You don’t have to close the bathroom door when you go to the bathroom. Seriously, what’s the point? You can leave it open to pee, to poop, to shower, etc… That sucker can stay open all the freaking time. And you can do whatever the heck you want to do in there. Or in any room for that matter.

3)    You can bring home late night guests whenever you want, to do whatever you want. Wink wink. Without judgment. If you want to bring home a revolving door of late-night “callers” night after night, weekend after weekend, no one else will know. Or judge. (Unless you have a doorman.) Or hear anything. (Have you ever heard a roommate having sex? I have. It haunted me for days. I couldn’t even make eye contract with her and her bf for a long while after.)

4)  Eating whatever you want, whenever you want. (And you can even eat or drink anything right out of that container. Score.) If you want to have a giant hamburger for breakfast or a cupcake and gummy worms for dinner, no one is there to judge or comment. If you want to stand there with your hand in the cereal box just picking away at it, totally cool. If you want to stick your spoon in the Nutella and eat that as your meal, go for it!

5) No one else will fill up the DVR with their shows or see how much crap you put on yours. So what if you still watch the Real World at your age? Who cares that Honey Boo-Boo is at the top of your show priority list? No one has to know.

After living alone for so long now, I don’t know how I will ever co-habitate with someone again. I like my life and of course I want to be able to share it with someone else in the very near future, but for the time being, I enjoy rolling solo in my habitat. The next and last person I hope to live with will be my future husband whenever he does decide to come along. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my freedom and the comforts that come along with it.

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