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I love the feeling you get when you hear something new for the first time and it just blows your fucking mind. That is how I felt in 2009 when I first heard “Airplanes” from a band called Local Natives. Ever since that moment I have had a love affair with this band out of Los Angeles, California. I will admit it. I will own it. I will stand by it. I personally feel that they are one of the best new bands to come out in all of music in the past 5 years. Their debut LP Gorilla Manor proved that they were an artistic indie band with pop tendencies and gorgeous melodies. All of the members of Local Natives are extremely talented, multi-instumentalists, and have strong vocal ability. Three of the members of the band excel in multi-part harmonization, which is what stands them out from most other bands. I compare them to Grizzly Bear, who also uses multi-part harmonies. They are kind of the West Coast version of that band. I must have seen Local Natives at least 5 times in support of Gorilla Manor over a two year span, whenever they came to New York and at a couple of major festivals. That album was one of my favorites of 2009. I was eagerly awaiting their second major release, Hummingbird, which was released in January of this year. The album is simply a beautiful collection of music, produced by Aaron Dessner of the National. You can see the growth that the band has had over the past three years having an opportunity to see the world, lose an original band member, and grow as musicians and individuals. I recommend that everyone purchases a copy of this album. I am lucky enough to see this band live tonight with the final show of their 2 stop residency at Terminal 5 in Manhattan. I can’t freaking wait to lose myself in this music tonight. “Heavy Feet” is today’s SOTD. Lead vocalists Kelcey Ayer and Taylor Rice lead the way on this gem. Check it out.


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