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I’m sorry but just when I started to give up on The Newsroom for being too ridiculous and pontificating, Ted Cruz had to take things to a new level.  Speaking for 21 hours straight in an attempt to semi-filibuster the House from beginning to strip back Obamacare, the Republican Senator from Texas actually read the entire book Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss.

Listen, at this point I don’t care if Mr. Cruz is FOR or AGAINST Obamacare, but the moment you can read your kids a bed time story from the Senate floor something needs to change.  I mean this is really what our taxes are going towards?  Imagine if I could have filibustered my way out of my Micro-economics exam sophomore year… I definitely would have read Rage Against the Machine lyrics all day.  Anyway, check out this video and realize how absolutely screwed up our government is or at least remember how amazing Dr. Seuss was.  Drake ain’t got Sh!t on him!

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