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Travel is my favorite thing to do, but as a broke 22 year old coming out of college how could I do it? Airline Miles not from travel but, frequent filer miles given by credit card sign up bonuses. This is what is referred to as “churning” or sign up for a credit card for the sole purpose of gain the bonus miles. Even at my young age I was able to earn over 120,000 airline miles enough for a month long trip though Australia and South East Asia.

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The first step of this process is to develop a travel hit list, were you want to go or see. This helps you better determine what programs to sign up for.  The next step finding what cards are best suited for you and your travel desires. Travel Credit Cards can be tied to an airline or some sort of larger rewards points program that allows transfers to various airline and hotel partners. While the first is great the second is preferable because of the flexibility it allows. Once you have decide were you want to travel its time to design your trip, for example an I will use my trip.

I knew I wanted to visit New Zealand, Australia, and South East Asia in that order. Because of that I knew I would need at least three long haul flights. The first flight I booked was NYC to Queenstown NZ for 37,500 American Airlines miles; those miles were earned by signing up for one card that earned me 40,000 miles. Second I book a flight from Queenstown to Sydney with a stop over in Auckland, I was able to book this though American again with only 10,000 miles.


After Sydney I wanted to travel to South East Asia, and was able to book a flight from Sydney to Singapore on Singapore Airlines with just 12,000 Virgin America miles from a Virgin America card that earned me 20,000 miles. Now you might ask how was able to use Virgin miles on Singapore, this because they have a very lucrative partnership that allows for miles to be earned and redeemed on both airlines.

After an awesome two weeks of backing though South East Asia it was time to fly back home and for that flight I flew from Phnom Phen, Cambodia to Seattle for only 32,000 United Airlines miles that earned 35,000 miles from signing up from one United Airlines credit card.


For those who are counting I was able to travel almost 20,000 miles for free and only had to sign up from three cards, this is something that anyone with good credit can do and travel the world just like I did!


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