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Every once in a while a band that you wouldn’t expect to throw you a curve ball, throws you one. Case in point applies to the British band Foals, whose single “My Number” is a dancy happy, pop number that I happen to be obsessed with. I just love this song. To me, this is the pure definition of a feel good song. The groove is out of this world. Almost has a Kool and the Gang type feel to it. Foals have been making waves on both sides of the pond since their debut recordĀ AntidotesĀ came out in 2008. They have released two other albums since then, with the most recent, Holy Fire, containing “My Number,” and many other amazing songs. Foals haven’t got the type of stateside publicity yet that they deserve, but if they keep releasing singles as awesome as “My Number,” that accolaid will happen in no time. Check out “My Number” by Foals. It is today’s SOTD.


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