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Yesterday while attending a committee meeting for a charity we work with, the Jones and B team caught quite the site.  After first hearing a Mugatu---Todd-zoolander-602210_475_351continued loud smacking sound, we all looked around for a 12 year old trying to break boards with his amazing Karate skills.  But no.  Instead what we saw was a man being bent over a young girls knee and spanked like Billy Ray did Miley post MTV VMA Awards.  By the time we got out our video camera they had actually moved on to a new move which seemed even more ridiculous.  She was walking him like a dog, but with a gimp mask on.  I mean I know there are some freaks out there, but this is the middle of Bryant Park??!! No worries though maybe Mugatu is just putting out his follow up to his “Derelict” campaign, the new and highly fashionable look, simply titled… “Gimp”.


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