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With Halloween coming it’s time to dress up, get wild, and make some questionable decisions.  But for some people, the creepy costume they wear on October 31st are actually an improvement over the “creep” they actually are the rest of the year.  After our highly successful “25 Truths of Tinder” post last week, we got a ton of feedback on creepy and ridiculous people who are out there trying to get laid with some questionable game.  So we decided this Halloween, we’re going a little “To Catch A Predator” and launching the first ever – GREAT CREEP HUNT 2013.

  • A married guy hit on you via facebook?
  • A girl on instagram see your pic at the beach tell you’ve got nice feet, wanna hang out?
  • Someone just have the creepiest tinder profile pic ever?

What we’re looking for are the strangest social media profiles, photos, or messages you’ve received from someone you have no interest in.  You need to be able to grab the image in a single screen shot and sum up the level of creepiness in under 140 characters (Hashtags welcome).  Screenshots can come from Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network we didn’t think to mention.

All submissions should be sent to by October 19th.  The Jones and B staff will review all the submissions and select a winner which will be announced on October 28th as part of our Great Creep Hunt Blog post and receive a prize of $100.  Don’t worry, we’ll blur out names so no one will be fully exposed – but hey they invaded your space why not put them on blast.

So go through your messages, profiles etc, and help us find 2013’s Biggest Creep!

RENATO…. luckily you were our inspiration so you’re not up for the prize!


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