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Facebook and Instagram are great.  Really, filter out all the narcissistic and religious bullshit and it’s amazing how we’re able to share thoughts, content, and experiences so quickly and efficiently.  But the one thing I’ve noticed is how few people understand what’s really important or interesting in life.  You know how I know this?  By seeing what people share everyday.  It’s sad really, especially when I see how much people value THINGS over EXPERIENCES.  I’m not saying that nice things aren’t awesome, but I’m saying when it’s an either/or scenario – go out and live life, the things will come later.


People ask me all the time how I afford to go travel all over the world like I do.  The answer is easy, I prioritize it over spending on other things.  New limited edition kicks (or Loubs for my female readers), yea I’ve got a couple pairs – but that’s it… just a couple.  Vegas and Miami trips, they are fun Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 3.32.04 PMas hell.  But I’ve been 2-3 times, why do I need a 4th trip?  Take a pair of Loubs ($800-2,000) or a 3 day trip to Vegas ($1,200-3,000)… would you rather that or a trip to Rio, Capri, or hell even Ibiza?  Fact is those three trips don’t cost much more, if anything at all, than the trips I’m describing.  However you know what you’re not getting in your scenario?  Culture, new experience, and just everything that life has to offer.

I’ve been to 40+ US States, and 40+ Countries around the world.  I’ve been on a real safari in Africa, seen the Sisteen Chapel in Rome, and surfed the North Shore of Oahu.  I’ve gone way beyond the pools, and hotels and reached out to explore the places I’ve been to.  The people I’ve met, the things I’ve scene, the places I’ve eaten at, have changed my perspective on every single thing I do and think in life.

Do you know what real poverty looks like?

Do you know what an 18ft Great White really looks like? 36399_571276659926_3669437_n

Do you know what sunset looks like on the French Riviera?

Do you know what it’s really like to smoke weed in Amsterdam?

These are only a few of the questions I can pose to you to try and get you to understand what you’re missing out on.  Seriously, I pity the people that think another pool party at Rehab is worth trading for some of these experiences.  The same people who ask me how I travel so much are the ones who post 20 pictures a month of clothes they buy or bottle’s they’re popping.  Trust me, traveling costs less than you think, and it’s worth so much more than you can imagine.  I’ve got friends all over the world, from some of the wealthiest elites in England to local bartenders and waiters trying to work their way out of the ghettos in South Africa.  It’s not enough to just read about these things, or see them in movies.  You must go out and live.  Seriously… from time to time, put everything down and go LIVE LIFE.  That’s what TRIP’N is all about.

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.” – Jack Kerouac: On the Road

Ever climb a pyramid???
Ever see a 100ft yacht in the Mediterranean?  Hvar Croatia
Ever see a 100ft yacht in the Mediterranean? Hvar Croatia
How about an airport in the middle of the ?erengeti?
How about an airport in the middle of the Serengeti?
Stood next to the David in Florence?
Stood next to the David in Florence?
Jumped out of a plane over the Cape of Good Hope?
Jumped out of a plane over the Cape of Good Hope?
Shared a pint with some real houligans?
Shared a pint with some real houligans?
Jumped off a rock in the middle of Wiamea Bay?





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