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In one of the coolest pieces of recent news I can think of, world famous street artist Banksy, set up a shop in New York’s Union Square.  As Billimages (2) Hutchinson of the NY Daily News reported earlier today in this article NY Daily News Article, Banksy says he was selling all original pieces for only $60 and yet it took more than 4 hours to make his first sale.  For some perspective, most of Banky’s recent works have sold for in excess of $150,000 each.

Worked by an elderly gentleman, and not actually advertising the name “Banksy”, most of the pieces being sold were iconic pieces from the London based street artist.  All on original

s-JOSH-BELL-largecanvases and signed by the artist himself, this is just another in a line of undercover stunt like performances by some of the world’s greatest artists.  Remember when world famous violinist Joshua Bell went unnoticed playing a $3.5 Stradivarius (Violinist) in a DC Metro Subway Station?  Or Uncle_Drew_Streetballmore recently the Uncle Drew (Uncle Drew Part 1) Pepsi campaign featuring Kyrie Irving faking people out on the bball court while dressed in disguise.

Maybe sometime soon we’ll catch people walking aimlessly past JT or JayZ performing on 3rd Street Promenade in LA.


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