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Please don’t think after you book everything in your life will change. Obviously booking is great for your resume and the pay check helps but that still doesn’t guarantee stability. There is no stability as an actor. Even the most stable actors have times where they aren’t booking or it’s slow. Don’t be discouraged by these times. These are the times to focus on other opportunities, expand your horizons. This week I had one audition for Pizza Hut. It was a 5 spot SAG commercial. SAG means Screen Actors Guild. I am SAG eligible but not registered SAG. If I book the commercial they would have to Taft Hartley me or I would have to register with SAG in order to get paid. Most of the commercials are not SAG but those that are pay big! I haven’t registered with SAG yet because I would like to get more on my resume first. In the audition for Pizza Hut I was asked “What’s the last movie I saw?” Remember these are personality questions. I told them how I saw the film “Prisoners” at a really small theatre. The movie was really creepy and at a dead silent moment the man to my right farted. He ruined the entire movie for me. How could I take the film seriously after that? The casting director laughed behind the camera, I showed him who I am…real.

It is not only important to show the casting directors who I am, it is also important that I try to share myself with the public. That is why I am trying so hard to improve my social media presence, establish my brand, and expand my network. Regardless of what my agents are doing it is still my job to look for things on my own. They get 20% and I get 80%, so I should be doing 80% of the work. My commercial agency handles my Casting Networks and Casting Frontier Accounts. If I see something on those sites that is not a commercial and something that I am interested in, I will submit. Casting Frontier is free and Casting Networks is about $1.50 for each submission. I also check my Actors Access account. Since, I don’t have a theatrical agent I pay for every submission on Actors Access. There is a subscription free you can pay yearly but I haven’t signed up yet…next pay check because honestly paying for each submission every week is way more costly. I believe it’s about $2.00 per submission. I haven’t really figured out how to get more auditions from Actors Access…I submit but rarely get the auditions I would like. I believe it has something to do with the fact that my reel is not up. I am working on that but it’s difficult to expand and improve your reel when you aren’t even getting the auditions you want. This is why I am also trying to create my own projects. Currently I am working on creating a comedy pilot to pitch to major networks. I am also writing songs and continuing to make connections in the music world….my music business degree doesn’t have to be a complete waste. I try to go out at least once a week and network. This involves going to exclusive parties, getting in the in crowd, and establishing myself in the social world. This week I went to the Roosevelt for Beacher’s Madhouse and The Square Room. I wasn’t planning on going to Beacher’s, I’ve actually never been but it was so much fun. I saw a few people but I won’t name drop. It really was a great time. After I went to the Square Room for a private event. This place is very exclusive and very small. Many sighting but more importantly it’s a great place to network and have fun. They have two bowling lanes and it’s $100 per hour. They also have lots of board games. I think it’s a really good spot to go to get drinks and feel fancy. I was able to network a lot. Many of the people I meet do not follow up when I contact them but those that do I begin to establish a relationship with. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took an empire and it’s going to take an empire to make me famous. The other parts of my time I use to work to pay the bills or work out and improve my product…myself. I think it’s extremely important to have a life outside of the entertainment world. I try to do at least 3 fun things with my boyfriend each week and some weeks this means a dinner out, movies, long drive somewhere or going out to a club together. Right now it means apartment shopping.

Our move out date is the 2nd week of November. Our plan is to get a 2 bedroom with a roommate for the 2nd bedroom. Ideally we would like to get a 2 bathroom but it may not be in the budget with the amenities we would like. We are looking for a 2 bedroom with almost the same budget as our one bedroom. My biggest priority is that the apartment is pet friendly or that I really love it. I would love if I found a place that was both. You know, when you know. Yesterday we saw a place that was listed as “loft style”. First off it wasn’t a loft. It was just one big room, cut up into little rooms with the worst kitchen I had ever seen…fail. Another place we loved, got taken the same day. The search has been difficult but I’m hopeful.

Life isn’t easy but it’s really not that hard.


Stay tuned for more on my journey to Finding Famous.


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