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In one of the crazier video’s I’ve seen recently, this motorcycle hijacker in Brazil get’s blasted by a random cop before he can even get going on the bike.  The craziest part is that the remaining 5 minutes of the video is just people, cops, and the victim just chilling around the robber talking shit to him as he lies in his own blood.  I’m not sure if this video is awesome, hilarious, or kind of scary but hey we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Ps. GoPro should definitely use this as a new demographic marketing approach… Self Protection Videos.



Gawker translated the post shooting interactions as the following:

Victim: Now you’re gonna rob in hell you son of a bitch.

Robber (whining): I got shot!

Victim (pissed off): You go fuck yourself! You’re the one pointing gun at other people’s face!

Robber: Oh, I’m gonna die.

Victim: You sure will! You should have already! Son of a bitch.

Robber inaudible, apparently asks someone to get him something to drink.

Victim: You’re gonna drink in hell! You’re gonna drink the devil!

Robber: I’m dying!

Victim: Yeah, you’re supposed to! You have to get fucked. You’re not the one that likes to rob? Getting a job is something you don’t want to, right?! Do you have any idea how much I’m working to pay for this motorcycle?! You have no idea, right! And then you take it away easily!

Victim: And you’re lucky that I wanted to get your buddy as well! But don’t worry because he’s gonna get caught.

Guy in blue t-shirt to victim: Was it red or black that one?

Victim: Red.

Victim (to some cop): Guy wasn’t wearing a helmet but I noticed when I looked in the mirror they were up to no good.

Guy in blue t-shit starts patting down the robber.

Robber: Keep your hands off me! Fuck.

Blue t-shit guy reaches for something and hands it over to cop.

Robber to cop: I’m dying sir!

Victim: Oh now you say “sir” right?! You first scare the shit out of other people and now it’s all “sir”. “Sir” my ass buddy! Now you’re gonna get fucked up in hell.

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