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According to multiple news sources, Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” film project. The 33 year old British star of “Sons of Anarchy”, is reported to have said he wanted to avoid the career path of Robert Pattison.

This is great news for the Jones and B team bc we didn’t want to see Hunnam get anywhere near the lame status that Pattison retains due to his ties to the “Twlight” franchise. Listen, we are all about getting that guap, and Pattison definitely has that, but seriously who considers him a real actor outside of 15-21 y/o girls??? Hunnam has cool points with guys and girls of all ages from his role on “Sons” and with the right roles could definitely jump into the leading man mix in Hollywood. I mean he’s definitely a better actor than Tatum or Reynolds and they KEEP getting roles.

So we’ll see who ends up taking this role. Alexander Skarsgard and Jamie Dornan are supposedly the leaders but our female Jones and B’rs are hoping that the Meme King, Ryan Gosling gets brought in to fill the role.


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