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The verdict is out. Imagine Dragons are the truth. They have passed the litmus test. I thought that they might be another “here they come, here they go” band like a Live, or Toad the Wet Sprocket, or Bush. A band that has promise but then fades away into oblivion. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by Imagine Dragons.  Their debut album Night Visions is very impressive, and keeps turning out great songs.  Now this is their first album, so the true test of their promise and continuity is yet to be determined. We can have this conversation again after they release their sophomore album.  However, Night Visions is filled with big anthems. “It’s Time”  and “Radioactive” were two huge singles for Imagine Dragons. Today’s SOTD, “Demons” follows in their footsteps. It is a sweeping ballad that is grand in stature and rich in beauty. The song screams sing-a- long and is one of my favorites on Night Visions. Check out “Demons” and see if you agree with me.


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