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This fall has scene a ridiculous amount of big time album releases drop like hot cakes in our laps and there are still more mega albums to hit our ear buds before 2013 ends. Today, Katy Perry’s PRISM hit stores and next week Arcade Fire’s ambitious double album Reflektor will be released. There are still new releases to be dropped by Eminem, Britney Spears, and U2 by Christmas. But… there are some amazing LP’s currently out that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! These five albums should be must adds to your iTunes collection. If you have Spotify, star them immediately. If you watch YouTube to hear music, then search for these artists. However you choose to listen to music, just make sure you add these releases to your collection STAT!!!

1) HAIM-Days Are Gone 


I can go on and on about my love for these three sisters from California. Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim are currently taking the country by storm with their debut albut, Days Are Gone. Haim (when pronounced correctly rhymes with time) are a throwback to 80’s grooves and 70’s melodies. The three sisters have made retro music sound modern on their debut album. Their grooves are infectious. Their songs make me want to dance and sing out loud like I’m dancing in a field without a care in the world. And for an added bonus,  they totally rock live. These girls play all of their own instruments and are extremely personable when on stage. They aren’t at all caught up in being the “it” band of the moment, which is something that I find very attractive about them. They have released some of the catchiest tunes of 2013 thus far with, “Forever,” “Falling,” and “The Wire.” Days Are Gone also features the sure to be hit single, “If I Could Change Your Mind,” and the sultry “Go Slow.” It is easily my favorite album of this fall.


Check out “If I Could Change Your Mind”

2) CHVRCHES-The Bones of What You Believe

chvrches (1)

I didn’t expect to love this album as much as I do, but CHVRCHES are just bad ass. They are redefining synth pop and making listeners realize what a complete song should sound like. What I love most about their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe,  is the emphasis on the song writing and arrangement process. All of these songs are complete and full. They have catchy lyrics, big choruses, and are filled with great grooves. They are living proof that electronic music is real music. CHVRCHES is made up of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty. Mayberry’s voice is so appealing. She sounds so sexy yet confident on record. The band has opened up for Depeche Mode, Passion Pit, and Two Door Cinema Club, all members of the synth pop fraternity. I would say that they are earning those varsity jackets quite well. Great dance record.

2013 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival - Day 7

Check out “Lies”



I guess it can be true that your 5th album could be your best. UK’s the Arctic Monkeys have been making ear shattering music since their inception in 2005. Back then they were young, reckless, and uninhibated musically.  They are gods in their native country and all over Europe but haven’t really been able to maintain that notoriety on this side of the pond. They knew after they opened for the Black Keys, on the Keys last major US tour that they still had work to do before being big in the States. So to achieve this goal, the Arctic Monkeys grew up a little. Got more mature. Got darker. Got edgier. And probably made what may arguably be known as the best album of their career thus far. AM is a raw and  gritty rock n roll album. The songs have  a hip-hop esque feel to them. The band, led by lead singer and songwriter Alex Turner, uses hip hop beats to lay the foundation for his wordy and intelligent lyrics. The songs on this album thump and make you listen. Turner has a great ability to write complex tunes that require a couple listens so you can pick up everything he is spitting. He almost sounds like a rapper out there when he sings. He is extremely articulate when he sings on this album. It’s just a really dope collection of music.



Check out “Do I Wanna Know?”

4) PUSHA-T-My Name is My Name


America’s favorite G.O.O.D. Music member not named Kanye West has dropped his debut studio album My Name is My Name, and it is one of the best releases of the fall. Some of the songs on this album, we have heard before, such as the scorcher, “Numbers On The Board,” and “Pain” (featuring Future) but the new tracks bring gusto and fire and continue to establish Pusha as one of the top storytellers in the game. This album also features an All Star cast of cameos including Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Kelly Rowland, and Pharrell. If you want to hear something that isn’t pillow talk like Drake’s album, the other big hip hop release to come out this fall, then My Name is My Name is the album for you.


Check out “Numbers On the Board”

5) LORDE-Pure Heroine


How can this girl only be 16 years old? That is probably a question you will ask yourself after listening to this New Zealand singer-songwriters debut album, Pure Heroine. This chick< Lorde, although young is very intelligent and very mature for her age. She has no doubt made a powerhouse debut album. Unless you have been living under a rock you must have heard her number 1 smash “Royals.” This song about the over bravado of hip hoppers has caught on to everyone, including heads in the hip hop world. But to me, it’s the rest of the album that shows off this girl’s skills. “Tennis Court,” “Team,” “Ribs,” and “White Teeth Teens” are some of the gems on this LP that tell me this girl has major staying power if she stays on this course. The album is dark, very anti Selena Gomez, which I know Lorde doesn’t like being compared too. Although she is young, this music ain’t bubble gum pop. It’s raw yet melodic, and a head banger for sure! Definitely cop Pure Heroine. You won’t be disappointed.


Check out “Team”


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